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Broadcast or Tune Into a Category

You can either broadcast a message, or tune in to Broadcasted messages!

Request For Live Information

Request for live information, from anybody else who has also tuned into your broadcast, regardless of their location!

Keep Up To Date With Local Deals

Keep up to date with local deals at your nearest supermarkets, high street stores and even share a deal with others!

Make Group Purchase

Make a group purchase with others and save money. You can save money by sharing the cost of deals with someone else!

Make Instant Request For Cab

Make an instant request for a cab and choose from a list of responses from cab companies to find the most affordable option for you!

Request To Share Cab

Share a cab with somebody in your current area. They may be going to the same destination as you, or somewhere along your route!

Donate Food To Homeless Shelters

Our volunteers will constantly be tuning into broadcasts for foods share to arrange collection and deliveries!

And Many More Features

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