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If you’re visiting our page for the first time, here’s a bit about our history. We’ve been around for over half a century and still going strong. Don’t be fooled by our classic good looks, Ed Walters is about fashion clothing. 
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Edward Walters started his factory in Ludlow, a small town in Shropshire, England. After seeing an article in the Wolverhampton Express & Star an evening newspaper, appealing for local entrepreneurs to develop light industry in the town, Edward quit his job, moved his family to the town and started from zero. His vision was establishing a factory producing fine tailored garments, for the British man. Edward was a family man and he set out to create a working environment for the community that reflected those same values. The first factory was a converted Chapel that needed a complete renovation and conversion, but eventually, in December 1957, the first few garments were leaving the pressing lines.



Over the next 30 years, the Walters business developed steadily. More factories were needed and by the mid 1980’s the family business grew to 13 factories, employing hundreds of people in local towns. It was quite normal for three or in some cases even four generations of a family to work for the company. This was a garment business, built on traditional working values, making great clothes, for thousands of satisfied customers.